Thursday, December 12, 2013

Send a letter to Santa?

Send your letters, drawings and pictures to Santa.. 
Use this address exactly as written to make sure it gets to me. 
Santa's address is:
N.P.S.C. stands for North Polar-Santa Claus
N. P. S. C. 
P.O. Box 56099
North Pole, Alaska 99705-1099

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Good enough for a dog?

So this year a lot of people are thinking about getting a pet for Christmas, not just any ordinary pet but a dog! Although first you have to find out "Am I good enough for a dog?" Well let me tell you, I have had many dogs so I know the hard things you have to do and the fun things you have to do for the dog.

Big dog
- You should be able to walk the dogs for 30-45 minutes a day
- You should spend at least 2 hours (Not including walking time) With your dog
- Be able to feed it a proper amount (At least 2-3 bowls) A day
- You should have a big yard, that is completely fenced in
- You should have enough money for proper health care and flea medication
- Its nice to have two dogs so they can entertain one another when your not there
-You should get him/her play toys
-A dog will always want your attention so be willing to give him/her attention
-You have got to be able to train it
-You must have lots of patience for your dog
-You should be able to get a collar with a name tag in case it ever runs off
-Make sure you are not allergic to the dog before you get one, just in case you have to return or give it away
-When you are upset with your pet DO NOT hurt it in anyway!

Small dog
-You shouldn't dress your dog up if they do not like it
-You should get the proper food for him/her
-You should get him/her play toys
-You should walk or put the dog outside to play for at least 10-20 minutes
-You should be able to let your dog out when needed
-Do not over react when your dog does something bad, ie uses the restroom in your house, or chew up your nice pair of shoes
-You should be able to get a collar with a name tag in case it ever runs off
-Be ready and willing to clean up a mess your dog made, because a mess happens everyday
-Always clean up after your dogs because they could harm humans with diseases
-Keep your dogs claws clipped
-Do not allow biting, if you do they will think it is okay

I hope this helps you out with finding out if you should get a dog this year or later in the years!

Inspiring Quotes

Your skin is not paper, so don't cut it, your face isn't a mask so don't cover it, your life isn't a film, so don't end it. 

Your face isn't a coloring book, so lay off the makeup girl!

What is best for people is sometimes what they do for themselves.

Every break up has brought you closer to your true love.


I'm dreaming of a... Warmer Christmas! x)

Today I had to literally run inside and put a coat on fast because when I walked outside, it was freezing... I hope it isn't a super freezing Christmas this year! and the worst part about it is, no matter how freezing it is (Which it is always freezing) It never snows. So I have to deal with freezing cold weather, with no snow. Well bundle up and stay warm out there x)

Heels To The Rescue?

So I have noticed a lot of woman are usually wearing heels now, like its the new Uggs! I am in love with heels, don't get me wrong but its like everywhere I look there are heels, from platform to skinny heels that I wouldn't be able to EVER walk in without torturing myself. Whenever I see heels I usually think they are trying to look way more beautiful then they think they are, but remember you are beautiful on the inside, not only the outside, so just be you :) If you normally don't wear or want to wear heels, don't! Even if someone doesn't like you, they aren't worth your time. So don't bring the Heels to the rescue all the time, because you never know if the heel will break, then who is your rescue? :D

Friday, December 6, 2013

School blues

So today I was at school and we were getting held back late because we were running in the halls. Then our teacher kept talking and talking and I finally pulled out my homework and worked on it, heck he talked longer then my parents do when I did something really bad! I was sick and tired of being at school but I didn't want to complain because then my teacher would get mad at me. Ugh... But then finally this one boy said "Can I go? I am getting school sick?!" My friends and I chuckled and I muttered "School blues eh?" Well, everyone gets those! I get those into like an hour or two into school! How would you feel after the first two hours? Pssh no one knows... Everyone has there own opinion. But thank goodness there is only so few hours.. Well you heard it, we have the... School Blues ^.^